How To Accelerate Software Development By Automation

Here is a simple but effective general method for debugging complex application plus some C# example. Introduction Debugging is an integral part of any software development process. Once I write some piece of code, my following action is running the application for making sure that it works correctly. Often running once is not enough for […]

Switching Between Panels In wxPython GUI

wxPython is a powerful cross-platform GUI toolkit for the Python language. In this post I will show how to replace dynamically the content of a window in wxPython. Normally we create a GUI window with wxPython by putting all the required visual components inside a wx.Panel object and positioning them using sizers such as wx.BoxSizer. […]

Packaging Python Environment on Windows 10

This tutorial describes how to transfer a Python environment from one Windows 10 computer into another Windows 10 computer. The packaged Python environment which is created this way, can be used on any Windows 10 computer where python isn’t already installed and can be used for building an installation file for a Python application 1. […]

Deploying a Secured Apache Server on Amazon AWS EC2

In this post I am going to guide you how to enable a secured communication between an Apache server and its clients using Transport Layer Security (TLS) which is a necessary requirement for basic cyber security. Requirements Windows 10 development machine This guide assumes that you already have your own domain name (your-domain-name.com) hosted by […]

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